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01 October 2014 @ 11:33 am
TOTAL: 34 227 :D

not baaaaad, now we're talking! :D not a LOT of things, but *big* things. That's pretty good. Not scattered. Now if i manage to bring myself back to the nuée sequel ... i spent the first two weeks writing nothing else and now we're three scenes away from the end and my brain's like nope. not cool, brain. >:X

-Demon Patrol chapter 24 (11 207 words)
-Crash Standing chapter 16 (4 740 words)

-Crash Standing chapter 17 (3 123 words)
-Crash Standing snippet i might never use and which is spoilery therefore unposted in the meantime (156 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 25 (2 065 words)
-Girl Genius - OC - Nuée Ardente sequel (12 936 words)

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This is something I wrote ages ago, for the FF7 with daemons verse (actually for a planned sephzackcloudaeris divergent AU that I ended up never writing) and I never posted it because it does spoil the deal with Zack and Seph's daemons. But it's been so long since I touched this AU, I figured it didn't matter too much anymore.

Zack's daemon (smaller, golden variety).


Day 3

In some places Zack knows that it's seen as kind of rude and invasive to talk to someone else's daemon, especially in public and with people you don't know well. In Wutai, for example, or in the richer circles of Midgar society, it's pretty much shocking. (Which is funny because both societies get hives when you find a point of comparison between them.)

In the army it's not that way, especially not in SOLDIER, but that's because you don't become SOLDIER in the first place if your daemon's going to be dead weight, and being able to take orders and relay them is just the very start of usefulness. (Along with using Materia independently of your human, and fighting a variety of differently-sized, differently-shaped daemons. Predators are the overwhelming majority.)

Zack knows of nowhere it's looked down upon to chat with your own daemon.

He never sees Sephiroth speak to his. Or look at him, either.Read more...Collapse )
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01 September 2014 @ 03:23 pm
TOTAL: 23 442

Mneh. Okay, considering the week of vacation with shitty or no internet at all and the HELLO BABY NEPHEW in the middle... >_>

(by the way i'm an aunt did i tell you guys because yeah that is a thing that i am now.)

-Girl Genius - Nuée Ardente (OC/OC, 8 chapters, complete) (6 504 words)
-DCKM - Swingersverse - Shin/Heiji/Kai porn (957 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin/Veli luminescence almostporn (308 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin, Veli and children (1 670 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Veli and Anton (662 words)
-Nuée Ardente - jaegers and cockatrices (1 846 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin meets Agatha and Dimo (3 194 words)

-Crash Standing chapter I forget, 16? (3 155 words)
-Battlefield Terra chapter 9 (3 405 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter, uh, 24? 25? (1 517 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin, Veli and children (133 words, abandoned attempt)
-sunlightverse: karkat vs mindfang fic (90 words orz)

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28 August 2014 @ 04:52 pm

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Asuka Kureru
Kudo had called ahead to say he'd bring along a case, so when the train pulled into the station Heiji was already sort of excited. Something big enough that Kudo would rather not handle it alone? Sounded several kinds of awesome. Potentially horrifying, but also awesome. (Kazuha told him that having thoughts like that was the sign of a bad person. He didn't get what she was on about.)

He saw Kudo step off the train -- blue jeans, white shirt, black cap -- and jogged his way through the crowd, already grinning. "Oi, Kudo!"

"Hattori!" Kudo called back, and stood waiting for him with his suitcase at his feet as people rushed all around. He looked happy to be here, too, in his restrained, no-this-is-sarcasm-not-happiness-I-swear way. Heiji was kind of tempted to kiss him, a great loud 'oh, you' smack right there in public.

"Hey, Kudo."

Kudo rolled his eyes, and parroted obligingly, "Hey, Hattori."

"Hey, Hattori, been a while."

Heiji waved his hand. "Yeah, hi t' ya too, Ku--"

... What.

He was vaguely aware that the Kudo in front of him was cracking up.

The Kudo standing to the side was merely grinning wide enough to make him wish he would, and get it over with.Read more...Collapse )
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11 August 2014 @ 09:23 pm
Crosspost of Detective Conan/Magic Kaito - How To Catch A Kid - Shinichi/Ran/Kaito (1/1) to askerian@LiveJournal action failed.
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so yeah if you want some swingersverse, here it is.
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Their luck held all evening, and all night, and into the morning. They drove in shifts -- Sorin had found it preferable to be asleep in the back when Velimir drove, for all that the jerk had complained about his driving, but it did help that he could see a little better in the dark than Sorin did.

It was about ten on a drizzly, quiet morning and the lava engine was thrumming along nicely with Velimir's snoring when they ran into the blockade.

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08 August 2014 @ 02:47 pm
"You couldn't wait for a chance to be the big spoon, huh," Sorin said sleepily, and craned his neck to look at the Jäger behind him.

He'd half-woken up earlier to crawl into the warm spot when Velimir disentangled himself and sneaked out of the cave -- for reconnaissance, for his morning pee, for breakfast? Who knew, probably all of those. When Velimir came back in Sorin was still only half-awake and did not intend to go any farther on the road to awareness.

"Iz hyu fault, hyu steal mine spot." He shuffled in the dry leaves he'd piled up in the cave and draped his arm around Sorin's waist, rested his cheek on Sorin's. "Mnh, warm."

It did speed up Sorin's heart, made him feel tingly and warm in the pit of his stomach. When he looked down, though, he grimaced a bit. The arm resting on him was the injured one.

The bandages were really gross.

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08 August 2014 @ 02:44 pm
The porn chapter woo. half of this chapter is not porn if you guys don't like porn, stop reading when they start kissing or something. yep.

By the middle of the afternoon Sorin's seat had started feeling a bit too warm to be natural under him; Velimir was squirming and grunting with displeasure in his sleep. Considering the seats were solid wood, that was a bit worrisome. Sorin eyed the needles and quadrants but none of them told him anything he understood.

Maybe it needed to cool down. Or be refueled. Or both. The trees were tall and dark in this valley, so he found a flattish place between the trees he thought they could fit through and swerved the transport until they were well out of sight of the road. (He only crushed one bush, so hopefully it wouldn't be too noticeable.) Then he parked and nudged the Jäger awake.

Velimir jerked upright so fast he knocked his head into the door frame. Sorin winced.

"Did you just seriously make your concussion worse?"

"Oof. Mebbe." He squinted through the window. "Ve stopped?"

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07 August 2014 @ 01:51 am
The air was cool and damp. Sorin did not approve of that one bit. Bothersome golden light fell through the broken roof, the lack of door. He pressed his face against the only source of warmth, arms tightening thoughtlessly when it tried to get away from him.

It twitched and made a noise like chuckling.

Goddamn. He'd cuddled up, hadn't he.

"It haz been a while since Hy vas de little spoon," Velimir mused. Sorin harrumphed and rubbed his cheek against his exposed shoulder blade, bristles first. Velimir snorted at him.

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05 August 2014 @ 04:33 pm
The inn's cheapest room wasn't any better than its price suggested -- narrow bed, very little space around, and under the roof to boot, so that he had to walk a bit stooped or risk banging his head again. It didn't matter, since he would be using this room for sleep and not much more, and it wasn't like he had to share it with anyone.

Much less a Jäger on goat-like stilts.

He dropped his satchel on the wobbly desk wedged under the skylight, sat on the bed. He was glad when it groaned; it was too quiet in here.

He still had a hard time believing it was over.

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04 August 2014 @ 05:35 pm
Sorin dozed all morning in his undershirt, cradled in the tree's branches, sunlight falling on his face and his limbs. He'd taken off his boots, his vest, his shirt, spread them to get them to dry some in the breeze; it was almost like being in a tent, only the roof was dancing leaves.

It felt a bit like a dream. Which was alright, because the last night had felt a bit like a nightmare.

Velimir left at some point, came back with a pocket full of berries and a live frog. Sorin let him have the frog.

"Hyu sure?"

The frog struggled fruitlessly to escape. It was bright, a pretty red and yellow. "Unless you find a way to cook it while up in a tree, yeah, but thanks."

Thirst was more of a problem, but he tried to make do with berry juice. He didn't want to go down to the river until they were ready to leave. Fair bet they'd end up meeting with a, a feral clank or a rogue spark or a bunch of pirates either way; better not to have to do it twice.

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03 August 2014 @ 10:19 pm
The sky was beginning to light up with predawn when they stopped running.

Sorin had never been out of Vulkanburg's walls at night, never off the paved, patrolled roads even during the day. The pine woods were dark and full of hooting calls, whispery noises, the grating pings and thuds of a wild automated clank falling to rust and still roaming.

But it was fine, wasn't it, because he traveled with the biggest monster of all.

It was fine, wasn't it...


Oh. Huh. Sorin was on the ground. Sorin was on his knees. It was all over pine needles under him. Almost soft. He looked up and the Jägermonster was staring down at him, head tilted a little like it was weird that after a night like this someone would need to... wouldn't...

"I'm stopping here," he informed him.

"Hokay! Hy carry hyu."

"Um, no thank you?" His voice broke. The Jäger paused briefly in the middle of leaning in. "I think, uh. If your shoulder and my tools interact anymore with my ribs, they'll break." Nope, still leaning in. "And -- and you're not --"

"Right den." Sorin was whisked up. "De princess carry for hyu."

Oh good lords of the abyss.

So many teeth. So close.

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02 August 2014 @ 08:12 pm
Background notes and vocabulary for people not reading Girl GeniusCollapse )

Sorin Petrescu is a perfectly normal blacksmith's apprentice, and is perfectly content with his life. He did not sign on to discover things he shouldn't know and go on the run with a Jägermonster.

Or make out with him, either.

Contains action/adventure, burn wounds, original dude characters macking on each other, some internalized homophobia, and horrible, no-good, very bad flirting.


The brand new secret tunnel behind Frau Crina's Bar and Bagels had not been outfitted with lamps, and it was the middle of a drizzly mountain night.

The reddish glow and dry heat that slowly grew the farther Sorin went had him chanting "Don't be lava, don't be lava" from the second he noticed his hair was drying to the time the tunnel opened onto a ridiculously large cave.

It was, of course, lava.

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01 August 2014 @ 02:45 pm

Granted the bulk of it is for a single fic in the Girl Genius fandom and not anything most of y'all will want to read, but. XD whoa, nice wordcount, self, you rule. it feels so good writing regularly once again guys ;__;

-not-even-a-drabble dave/terezi dragon/knight cute (82 words)
haha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh orz

just have it here never mind linking it:

"So you’re not the type that changes to a handsome human from a fair damsel’s kiss, huh,” Terezi said, hands cupping a long scaly muzzle.

"Where do you see a fair damsel," the dragon droned back, and flicked his long forked tongue at her fingers. "Oh right, you can’t see shit, I guess that explains it."

"It’s okay, Dave, you will always be a pretty princess in my heart," the knight said soothingly, and flicked her much-shorter tongue right back at his.

-Crash Standing chapter uhhhhh 15? 16? (345 words orz)
-Homestuck: Demon Patrol (756 words)
-Homestuck: arranged marriage davekat fic: Lil Hal sequel (1 328 words)
-untitled Girl Genius OC-centric fic, chapters 1 to 6 (38 775 words BOOYAH)
-first attempt at GG fic, abandoned (151 words)

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16 July 2014 @ 07:35 pm
i wanted to color something but i didn't want to draw. i know everyone and their mom has been doing this one, but hey. >_>;;

also contains some pairings-related happy-frothing.

spoiler for last page of the chapterCollapse )
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05 July 2014 @ 02:27 pm
It's not a bad explosion, as those things get. Blows the shit out of his hinges, and makes the decorative door panels shudder and fall out of alignment like a linebacker rammed them, but it's a foot that finishes the job of knocking the door down.

His gun is -- stupidly -- all the way downstairs in the gun safe by the door. It's out of reach the second the first man rushes through -- a huge wall of a man, square and meaty -- and then the second man comes in on his heels and Dave gives it up for lost.

Under him on the main floor Karkat starts snarling, steps forward to meet the threat, but there's a machine gun in the first man's hands and Dave can see nothing but the confettied mess it would make of his non-shelled face.

"Get out of here!" he yells, and shoves the half-open windowpane out of his way and swings himself out and onto the ancient straight ladder bolted to the outside wall.

Two men on the fire escape's last landing, just under him; he hears glass breaking. One of them looks up, gun up --

Aradia rushes through him with barely a thought; the gun jams, trigger frozen in time. Dave beats Olympic records of ladder-climbing.

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01 July 2014 @ 02:30 am
TOTAL: 25 387 WORDS.

FINALLY A CORRECT WORD COUNT. >:O *pats demon patrol, pats BT* good boys.

-Battlefield Terra: Dad Egbert during chapter, uh, five? Six? (363 words)
-Crash Standing: Bro POV during the pirates scene (625 words)
-Battlefield Terra: Jack Noir and the Midnight Crew (514 words)
-30th Century sequel ficlet: cats (475 words)
-Crash Standing: prequel ficlet, Byrd POV (161 words)
-Arranged Marriage Knights DaveKat AU: Slick & Crow silliness (855 words)
-Arranged Marriage Knights DaveKat AU: Page of Heart (3 749 words)
-Sunlightverse: Three silly drabbles ( Nep&Eq, Sollux&Terezi, Terezi&Aradia) (513 words) (lost in my tumblr and too small to link separately so i will be reposting them with the teasers)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: Jane, Dad, Grand Highblood (1 063 words)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: Karkat, Jade, Dave (526 words)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: Gamzee, Roxy (1 073 words)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: John, Vriska (1 629 words)
-Covalent 'verse, Vriska and John's first chatlog (536 words)

-Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 23 (11 098 words) (complete, just needs betaing!!!)
-Girl Genius: attempt at an OC jaeger and townie fic that hasn't worked out yet (151 words)

and uh

nothing else??? i posted everything????? wow. okay cool.

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22 June 2014 @ 10:52 pm
There's no way it's going to fit on either dreamwidth or LJ -- okay, maybe DW, but god do I not want to redo the coding right now. Maybe later. In the meantime here it is:

"Locked in," John confirmed. "All green." At least all the necessary crap for shuttle-assisted flight.

"Warhammer, prepare for launch in five, four, three…"

They were skipping a dozen steps at least. No preflight check. The hangar guys had probably done one in the hangar while someone was summoning Jake; it still wasn’t supposed to be enough.

(Excalibur was giving no pilot response. Echidna and Masamune were dead in space.)

All the pilot survival stuff like oxygen and heat checked out. He would just wing the rest.

"… one, ignition.”

The rocket roared, sound muted by Warhammer’s seals, so that John knew more by vibration than noise. A half-second later he didn’t need to feel vibrations; he felt the kick in his chest, in his neck, where for a moment it seemed he had left his organs behind, down under.

He went through his instrument checkup routine, now that it was too late to stop.

chapter 8
Asuka Kureru
Two sequels to By The Letter (of the law)

Anonymous said: Dorky Knights, a couple (two??) months later, trying to make out during some free time but their mounts won't leave them alone. Bad Crow.

The good thing about being a knight lawfully wedded to another knight is that he’s always got a partner. Especially because of the political angle to being a Dersite and a Prospitian, or a troll and a human — they get lots of peacekeeping assignments, not to the level of leading war parties but sort of pre-diplomacy. Diplomacy with teeth. Flattening the ground for the real diplomacy parties — and sometimes it turns out the problem can be resolved with a good talking-to, no need to bring in his hell-sister and turn everyone inside out.

Metaphorically speaking. Most of the time. But anyway.

Read more...Collapse )

Anonymous said: By the Letter (of the law), five years later


They don't really bother with court much. Karkat didn't enjoy Prospit's court already; Derse's makes him twice as happy that he's got disputes to slap down, speeches of friendship and country-wide news to deliver, and town-to-town enmities to mediate and scratch his ashen itch on. Even if he hated his current life he would hate it less than Derse's court.

The Empresses requested their presence, though, and he's good at hating things he's got to deal with anyways.

Case in point. "Dave I swear to all that is holy if you molest my gloves again I will slap you in the face with them."


"In a really not sexy way."


Karkat clears his throat and looks away from Dave's pouting lips. "You made us late enough with the boots, let's go already." He can still feel Dave's warm hands 'helping you tuck your pants in those stupid boots properly' all over his thighs.

He tucks Dave's arm in his and hauls him out of the door.

"Do you even like that kind of pain?" he grumbles -- quietly so the servants won't catch that they're discussing their sex life in public corridors once again.

"Face-slapping? Eh." Dave purses his lips. Karkat tears his eyes away. "I'd totally tolerate it if it made your clothes fall back off. They're so pretty, they'd probably make you look twice as good naked."

Karkat rolls his eyes, and vows to work twice as hard not to let on that the stupidly fancy court clothes Dave's brother sent them to wear are stiff and scratchy and ridiculously attention-grabbing, and make him miss his traveling leathers already. The lengths one will go to in order to please their matesprit, seriously.Read more...Collapse )