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21 April 2014 @ 04:50 am
apparently LJ ate the post from DW, possibly because of excessive size, and DW didn't see fit to inform me.

At any rate: here's the fist 14k of chapter 8.been posting on the kink meme in little bursts so i figured i might as well gather it all together.
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03 April 2014 @ 07:31 pm
ok on one hand i find the most recent plot twist in naruto kind of super silly (reincarnation now really? even in the "no they don't have the same souls those guys' chakra just goes down the ages and clings to people" way... was that NECESSARY??)

on the other hand this week's chapter gave me such a naruto/sasuke ping wow i thought my shipping heart was dead to them


nghhhgh babies.
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01 April 2014 @ 07:14 pm
20 462 words.

Hm. Okayish. I'm stuck on demonfic and byrdfic but I did unblock GW wolfbrothers and progress a *lot* on BT and I didn't even *want* to write ficlets which will usually bulk up a wordcount hella fast so i'm still happy.

-Dirk/Kankri vampire/highschool AU snippet (368 words)
-Dave/Karkat 30th century timestamp snippet (552 words)
-Dave/Terezi sideficlet for Crash Standing (388 words)
-sequel to the sequel of that pale rape karkat/kankri thing (560 words)

woaaah almost nothing.

BUT also posted this, written last month, to the kink meme: Battlefield Terra chapter 8 part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

-covalent john/karkat chatlog (66 words haha welp. not teasering it it's meaningless without context)
-GW: wolfbrothers (1 561 words, unblocked yeeeeee)
-battlefield terra chapter 8 (11 969 words) (no teaser tho hahaha >:D the spoiler is too strong with this one)
-Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter idk 23 or something (2 989 words)
-Crash Standing chapter idk (2 009 words)

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07 March 2014 @ 02:25 am
I had to write something for the AO3 series page, figured I might as well post it here too.

Contains worldbuilding and a list of people and wolves and scent names.

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01 March 2014 @ 01:44 pm
TOTAL: 29 777

haha welp another 300 words and i'd have broken 30k. oh well XD

-Several three-sentences-ish ficlets, posted farther down in this post (1 3392 words) some of which are covalent or sunlightverse or bt-inspired.
-Sunlightverse: Nepeta tells Equius about the new pony; chatlog (824 words)
-Vorkosigan/Psychic Wolves: Shooting Stars Will Leave A Trail (9 908 words)

-Pale Krakens: that sequel where Dave and Karkat and Bro film a pale porn movie (1 280 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter I forget, twentysomething (1 184 words)
-Covalent 'verse, pesterlog between John and Karkat about blackrom and body dysphoria (2 885 words)
-Crash Standing chapter idk (4 202 words)
-Vorkosigan/Psychic Wolves: Sequel at Baron Ryoval's (637 words, petered out)
-BATTLEFIELD TERRA CHAPTER EIGHT >:O (7 467 words) (no teaser for that one bcs i'm evil and it's all spoilery as all fucks u.u)

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For the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia challenge.

Miles is quite resigned to staying wolf-less, to having yet another mark of Vor worthiness denied to him. It's okay; he has his career now. Admiral Naismith needs no wolf!

Hello, surprise cub.

10k words. Sequel to Paddy.


The Imperial gardens were full of wolf cubs.

Miles sidestepped a moving knot of brawling, still plushy-furred teenagers, bit back a short-lived smile as Ivan was hit behind the knees and almost went down.

Ivan's brother was ambling back, gently nosing the cubs away from his wobbling human. Amongst the assembled Vor and the Armsmen lining the walls at least one in five moved alongside their own companion, and Lady Luck willing tonight there would be more. Half of those young hopefuls milling around, forgetting (some of) their dignity to tease the pups would later in the evening be going to the brothers of those she-wolves who had birthed their intended, request permission to court. It was in fact remarkably similar to the dance one danced with women, save that male or female it was the wolf who had the last word, always.

A wet nose pressed into his palm. Miles blinked down at Ivan's Paddy, sneaked his head a pat.


It was annoying how randomly perceptive Ivan had gotten since he'd acquired Paddy to notice things for him, Miles thought.

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01 February 2014 @ 05:53 pm
TOTAL: 33 024 words.

-Sunlightverse: The Tale of Three Hearts and a Hoofbeast (2 464 words)
-For No Good Cause (karkat&kankri pale rape) (2 108 words)
-Wherein Bro and Signless Film a Cross-Species Porn Movie (2 797 words)
-Clothes Make The Man (Karkat/Terezi) (2 068 words)
-With Our skins Off (Gamzee&Karkat pale BDSM) (617 words)
-Crash Standing: Byrd & Kanaya drunken pale makeouts (964 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 20 (7 397 words)
-Crash Standing chapter, uh, 14? (7 754 words)
-Sequel meme: Discofurry Chanyowl (karkat♥nepeta) (415 words)
-Sequel meme: Amateur Porn Bro and Signless sequelette (229 words)
-Sequel meme: The karkat & kankri pale rape one (535 words)
-Sequel meme: the one where students john and dave hit on TA karkat (101 words)
-Sequel meme: my FIRST EVER davekat homestuck porn fic!! :O (277 words)
-Sequel meme: Covalent: Gamzee and Karkat fallout to the 2d outsider POV ( words)
-Sequel meme: JohnJadeKat wolfbrothers AU (594 words)
-Sequel meme: the dave/naruto one XD (806 words)

-failed attempt at writing davejadekat maid cafe AU (104 words)
-Miles Vorkosigan wolf fic for Lupercalia (64 words orz)
-attempt at sequel to the johnkat one where john's a pegasus and karkat a chupacabra (30 words)
-DCKM: Swingersverse: Kid/Ran pornings (594 words :O it came back from the dead!!! and then died again shh sok Jo will prod me)

Wow, I posted a lot of complete things, even if most of them were quick-to-write oneshots i was still pretty satisfied by the resultS. Okay the sequelettes are mostly silly/pointless but that's the POINT of that meme usually.


It's so weird that I have nothing to teaser up. BT is spoilery as fuck no matter where I take a quote from, Kid/Ran is strange porn when it's with zero context, and the rest is things i'm gonna be throwing away or that seems meaningles without the context I haven't written yet.
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26 January 2014 @ 01:55 pm
A white wolf, a pink heart, and the text: Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia - A Multi-Fandom Mini-Fest, February Thirteenth through Fifteenth

Ahh, I don't know what I'm gonna write this year. Apart from more of the GW pilots WIP but that's a given. The next chapter is halfway done, damn it, I can do that in three weeks! But I want something new too. I have this Miles Vorkosigan story that I started to plot out, but Miles is such a hard character to write...
Asuka Kureru

yeah ok. u.u

This is intended to be consensual. It's still emotionally taxing.


You can't control your lungs. It's ridiculous, this is just a bit of rope, you could bite or claw through it if you tried hard enough (no you couldn't, he's too good at this.) Read more...Collapse )
Asuka Kureru
Contains Pail-Free Xenosexual Relationships Between a Male Mutant Troll and Male Human for the Purpose of Exhibitionistic Sexual Gratification, Polyquadranted Individuals Presented in a Neutral or Positive Way, and Puppets Used in Several Perverted Ways, One of Those Puppets Depicting a Rad as Fuck Big-Nosed Allusion to Our Glorious Empress, Which She in Her Wisdom Has Allowed to Keep Existing Because Damn Straig)(t I Got Da Biggest One.

*eyes fic*

... Eh, I've written pornier.

I'm sure. Somewhere.

novidactyl asked: 1. Bro/Signless (my rarepair♥) 2.Flush 3.Pornstar AU w/ smuppets for Bro's website (humanstuck or normal species are both fantastic)

"And really, in the digital age, with shit like tumblr and reddit around, what's going to touch the most people, boring long-ass sermons, or streaming free porn clips that fuck with hemocastist expectations and contain gleeful and unapologetic quadrant-smearing?"

On the other side of his bed, unzipping his pants, Signless laughed quietly. "Bro, I've already agreed to film this movie with you."

Bro shrugged, nodded, kept ogling. The guy's pants would be hilarious if he didn't fill them so well. Bro was also a fan of the zipper being placed on the side, from under the arm to the hip; the way it unveiled him as the cloth fell away was especially interesting.

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hibernatingsunflower asked: flush Karkat/Terezi God tier pajama kink?

R/NC17? It's not detailed porn, but yeah.


You squeak when she's suddenly under your cape with her arms going around your ribs to inappropriately fondle your pectorals. You'd pretend you didn't, but for once she doesn't laugh at you, so you bite down on your instant denial and just frown in confusion at what you can see of her.

In other words, her hands half-hidden under the toothy front end of your cape.

She's groping at your heaving almost-absence of rumble spheres. Read more...Collapse )
Asuka Kureru
Anonymous asked: Kankri/Karkat, pale, first time pile? (Or losing his pale virginity in an unusual place because he needs to SHOOSH NOW, YOU IDIOT)

Dubcon/Noncon moirallegiance, Alternia.


The only thing that saves them is that even in the throes of berserk rage Kankri has no clue how to fight.

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24 January 2014 @ 03:29 am
Dave deliberately left the drapes open, but Karkat is stubborn, and also Dave's comforter is thick enough to block a lot of light; when Dave starts hearing movement up there it's about eleven in the morning.

"If you're gonna hurl, use the trash can to your left," he calls up to the mezzanine, lazily scrolling down a news article on his laptop.

No answer. Movement ceases. Hm, maybe he wasn't fully awake yet.

Only that does sound a lot like mice, or maybe like Karkat's claws skittering lightly along the wooden floor as he feels around blind.

"Water bottle to your right," Dave adds, eyes on his screen. Oh hey, this article looks funny. Click, into another tab it goes.

Still no answer. Hmm. Maybe he's fallen back asleep and the odd quality to the silence is all in Dave's head.

It legit me-certified ain't, Latula says, and grins with his mouth. He gives her a quiet chuckle.
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Anonymous asked: Kanaya/Byrd, pleasantly buzzed and/or festive, on Hellmurder island.

(this is Crash Standing-verse but idk if it's canon for the verse or not.)

960 words.


"Byrd," she says with even more careful enunciation than usual, and that's how you know she's kind of drunk. "I do not wish to impugn on your transcendental broship with John."

She looks all challenging yet dignified, like she said something especially noble or important. You nod patiently, and pat the wooden log you're sitting on, your beer bottle trapped between your knees. Mighty useful as grabbing limbs, those knees, you'd never have found out without losing your hand and she would have tripped and gone down from you not being free to catch her and help her down.

That or she would have gotten a boobful of beer. You're not sure which would be considered worse.

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Asuka Kureru
11 January 2014 @ 04:11 pm
In Which Byrd Sprite Strider Chats in Logs, Fulfills Some Shipping Charts, and Discovers the Joys of Twincest (Not Really.) Not Suitable to Trolls of Seven Sweeps of Under for a Somewhat Libertine Approach to Feelings Jams.


TA: yeah your human poliice and mediiterrorii2t2 have them iin 2ome buiildiing2. but the healthy one2 are 2uppo2ed to be relea2ed 2oonii2h.
TA: 2orry ii can't explaiin iit better, your legale2e ii2 even more annoyiing than our2.
TA: ii feel 2o fuckiing 2tupiid not beiing able to par2e that 2hiit, god. iit'2 not even liike iit'2 anythiing compliicated!!
GT: Shoosh shoosh my good man! Your brain is still stupendous amounts of brilliant even at its most rambunctious!
GT: Why if being unable to parse these makes you a fool then what am i right? Haha.
TG: you shooshin him now wow what does aradia think of this
TA: thiink2 iit2 fuckiing hiilariiou2 that of all thiing2 to piick up from her he cho2e that one of fuckiing cour2e. ii mean iit2 AA, what el2e?
GT: Why what is wrong with wishing to soothe my good pal sollux in the quaint and friendly manner of his people???
TG: nothing buddy
TG: yeah absolutely nothing
TG: mentioning this for no reason at all but its amazing how you can really feel karkats absence in this chatroom somehow
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I DID A THING today in painting classes.

Teacher said: go forth and paint these pears on this adorbs red cloth!

I went forth and painted those pears on that adorbs red cloth.

I drew them surrounded in dark blues and deep foresty greens and bruise-purples, deeply shadowed, and haloed in golden light from a burst of such from behind and above them.

It’s realistic proportions, nothing anthropomorphized. The angle of the pears still makes them look as if they’re turned and looking up to stare in apprehension at this violent break in some thunderstorm cover.

I call them "The Pears of the Apocalypse."

What are they watching, one wonders. Nuclear warhead? Alien beam weapon? A vengeful angel?


*sephiroth voice: shall i give you dis pear?*
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03 January 2014 @ 03:44 pm
For a too-long moment you're struck completely dumb. You kneel there like a tool with a cat on your shoulder and a cat on your head as gunshots keep cracking on the deck above.

Running steps, several, heavy, and you can't really tell but you can tell anyway, they're not any of yours.

Steps on the stairs. You throw yourself back into the laundry room, your hand up to keep Gcat from falling. He slips anyway to become your new kitty hat, his paws on your shades knocking them askew and those are automatic guns outside so you captchalogue them, hat-cat and ear-warmer-cat both. (You tag them FELINE OVERLORDS for sylladex indexing purposes.) You just, nowhere fuckin' else to put them and ooooh fuck, where are you supposed to hide in here, the light's still on. You slap it off but the corridor still has little lights on so you can't come out, and then you hear them, one person, two.

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01 January 2014 @ 08:45 pm
jan: 51 224 @_______________@
feb: 39 695
mar: 38 953
apr: 31 358
may: 36 332
jun: 24 825
jul: 40 337 >:O
aug: 16 351
sep: 17 634
oct: 25 282
nov: 40 610 :D
dec: 34 316

TOTAL: 396 917

AVERAGE: 33 076 hfffffffff.

A lot of of the word count, esp. in the first few months, was because of Demon Patrol. I wrote the first eight chapters in January for god's sake. It's up to 130 363 words on AO3, and I have another 1 or 2k of the next chapter already. This fic is a monster. ♥

Also a crapton of oneshots and twoshots, wow. and then i had to title them aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month oh my god what if i hadn't dicked around for all of august and september.

no, that'd be too hard to live up to the next year self. this is good. this is more than good, this is consistent progress!!!! when i'm writing i always think "i could have done more" and guilt myself and compare myself unfavorably to either some fluke or projected ideal and find myself wanting, but this is proof that i DO do more!!


Ahhhhh so happy. X3
Asuka Kureru
01 January 2014 @ 07:45 pm
TOTAL: 34 316

not bad considering i kept being distracted by holidays stuff. the bulk of it is oneshots and ficlets but i did manage to update three multiparts, (haha four even, counting the ashen coffee shop one?? and crash standing TWICE :D) so i'm satisfied.

-Covalent: Telescopium (Outsider POV 2) (1 306 words)
-Demon Patrol: chapter 19 (2 418 words)
-Crash Standing chapter 12 (5 872 words)
-Blue (For Certain Values of Blue) Romance (Romance Not Included): Chapter 2 (Dave/Terez/Gamzee ashen) (2 135 words)
-RarePair meme: (Bro/Sollux pitch) (370 words)
-RarePair meme: (Bro&Karkat pale) (1 255 words)
-RarePair meme: The Ole Switcheroo (Jade/Davesprite porn) (1466 words)
-RarePair meme: The Sacred Pimp Hand of Justice (Karkat/Rose/Eridan ashen pesterlog) (1 768 words)
-RarePair meme: At The Window (Karkat/Kankri hatesex porn) (2 337 words)
-RarePair meme: I For One Welcome Our New Silvered Overlord(Jade/Karkat/Sollux ashen) (717 words)
-RarePair meme: Wherein Rose and Eridan Debate Over Deeply Vital and Relevant Things Such As Harry's Quadrants On A Pile (Eridan&Rose Pitch/Pale) (728 words)
-Gundam Wing: Wolfbrothers: Relena&Mary AU (534 words)
-Kiss meme: FF7: tifa/aeris in the woods (369 words)
-Kiss meme: Five First Kisses (Jade/Karkat, quadrant exploration) (825 words)
-Kiss meme: Dirk/Kankri (426 words)
-Kiss meme: Wrangling Bulls and Spiders (equius/vriska/tavros ashen) (1 047 words)
-Naruto/Homestuck crossover: Blonds Have More Fun(Naruto/Dave party kiss) (848 words)

-Crash Standing chapter (6 550 words) (complete but unbetaed & unposted)
-Kiss Meme: John/Jade/Karkat slavery thing that i'm not continuing (453 words)
-Battlefield Terra: chapter 8 (1 071 words)
-Demon Patrol: chapter 20 (968 words)
-Mituna/Latula/Kankri beach fic (210 words)
-kiss meme: Meenah/Kankri/Karkat (336 words)
-naruto: Teamwork: wedding, chapter 2 (317 words) .___.;;;;

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last and worst for the day! XDDD

Anonymous asked: Dave/Naruto, hooking up at a house party (papabrostrider is to blame for this one)

dear lord why does it work.

840 words.


It's not like it's rare at his gigs for someone to sidle up to the booth and go, "Hey! Nice music!", grinning and interested.

"If you're hitting on me, queue's on your left," Dave replies, and then he looks.

The man has nice arms. Solid shoulders, strong biceps. Baby face still, baby-blue eyes in the white strobe lights and friendly dimples. Someone got him with funny cat-whiskers paint that's just subtle enough to tickle Dave's funny bone, but with a body like that he's got to be at least twenty.

"What, no!!" The man blushes so hard Dave can see his face darken even through the flashing lighting and dim of the dance floor. He actually honest-to-God flails his hands, what a dork. "I just -- argh, and you know that, don't you?" he finishes with an accusatory glare.

Dave gives him a faint smirk. "Maybe I do." Dave doesn't usually like them blond -- he's blond enough for two, contrast is nice -- but he does like them buff. (If he wants thin and pretty he'll usually just go for a girl, unless the guy is, like, hella pretty.) He nods toward the guy's white T-shirt, stuck to his abs with a large splash of probably someone's drink. "Nice ink."

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